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それがこれからの私の使命ですし、日本のファンに対する恩返しだと考えています。ですから、ぜひ『ピーター・アーツ・スピリット』に、皆さんもたくさん参加してください! もう一度、日本の格闘技を盛り上げるためにも、頑張ります! 押忍!!



I am now in the 23rd year since my first fight in Japan. My fighting career has been made by K-1 that was born in Japan, and Japanese fans. I’m still fighting, but now I feel strongly that my role is to teach the children or young generation about the greatness of kickboxing and martial arts. Then, my friends in Japan will start a new project called “Peter Aerts SPIRIT” in my second home, Japan.

“Peter Aerts SPIRIT” is mainly for armature fighters, and I hope that the events title my name encourage many children and young people to join the kickboxing events, or go to train in Dojo. I want to teach my accumulated techniques and spirit to them directly. Of course I will come to Japan to attend the events, and also open the gym for having seminars. I’m willing to share with them all of my experience.

Since Holland is a martial arts superpower, K-1 champions and many other champions have been made. However, to revive the martial arts in Japan, I want to develop strong Japanese fighters. I have my gym in Holland, therefore if Japanese fighters and Dutch fighters can deepen exchanges, and develop through friendly competition, I’ m sure that Japanese fighter can become a world-class champion. Also I would like to introduce the greatness of kickboxing to even children and women who don’t aim to become professionals.

I think this will be my mission and my gratitude to Japanese fans. So I appreciate it if many people would join the Peter Aerts SPIRIT. I will make the effort to liven up the martial arts in Japan! Osu!

Peter Aerts

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